Day – 1

The Benefits of Increased Dietary Protein, Particularly at Breakfast, on Appetite Control & Weight Management
Dr. Heather J. Leidy, Associate Professor, Dept. of Nutrition Science, Purdue University

Dietary cholesterol, serum lipids, and heart disease: are eggs working for or against you?
Dr. Christopher Blesso, College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, University of Connecticut

Protein and Performance: The Power of Protein in Augmenting Exercise Adaptations
Dr. Stuart Phillips, Professor, Dept. of Kinesiology, McMaster University, Director, McMaster Centre for Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Research – McNEHR

Protein and Aging: Protecting Muscle Health with Nutrition
Dr. Douglas Paddon-Jones, Department of Nutrition and Metabolism, The University of Texas Medical Branch

2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Implications for Eggs
Randy Green, Watson Green LLC

Look back at 2015 DGAs: Look ahead to 2020 DGAs
Dr. Joanne Slavin, Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Minnesota

Day – 2

Dairy market innovations
Mike Vanderpol, Vanderpool Eggs

Production and Characterization of Functional Phosphopeptides from Egg Yolk Phosvitin
Dr. Dong Ahn, Professor, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University

Disulfide bond formation in egg white proteins through anodic oxidation
Dr. Akihiro Handa, Kewpie Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Lipid oxidation in egg products: impact of process, storage and lipid composition
Dr. Mark Anton, Biopolymeres Interactions Assemblages, INRA