Marc Anton is Director of the Biopolymer Interactions Assemblies Unit of INRA Nantes. The aim of his research (in the Interfaces and Dispersed Systems Team) is to understand the role of biopolymer assemblies in different size scales in the mechanisms of construction, deconstruction and stability of dispersed systems. He is particularly interested in emulsifying and gelling properties of natural assemblages present in the egg yolk (protein assemblies and lipoprotein) but also in other animal or plant raw materials.

He has focused his research in recent years on the assembly of protein design, lipids and lipoproteins to structure matrices, protect nutrients, or compartmentalize systems, and their development especially during deconstruction in the gastrointestinal tract simulated in vitro.

He is the author of about 95 international scientific papers, 3 books, 20 book chapters and 4 patents.